Visas and Work Permits

If you want to work in Ireland and you are a Non-EU/EEA citizen, you will need to apply for a visa or work permit which can only be arranged after you have been offered employment. Your application for a visa can be made by you directly or your employer with two types of employment visa/permits available to you provided your profession is on the critical skills short-list.

Critical Skills Visa

However, if you do not fit into either of the above categories, you will need a work permit. An application for a work permit can be made by either the employer or the employee. The following documentation must be supplied:

  • A fully completed employment permit application form signed by both your employer and you, the employee;
  • The position you are applying for is on the critical skills shortage list (click here);
  • Evidence of the employee’s certified qualifications;
  • The appropriate processing fee paid for by the applicant (employer or employee);
  • A copy of the registration documentation with the appropriate medical body or validation of qualifications from the Department of Health and Children should also be attached.

A-typical Permit

This permit is used for Non-EU/EEA candidates looking to work in Ireland on a short term basis. The purpose of this permit is to enable doctors and nurses to work on a short-term basis and is ideal for candidates who prefer working in different regions on a rotational basis. You must be on the critical skills short-list in order to be considered for this type of permit. The process is:

  • Your employer or agency point of contact can complete this application on your behalf and submit/liaise with Dept. of Justice Officials to expedite the process for you.
  • This permit enables you to enter the State for a period of 90 days. You will be required to leave the State for a period of 30 days and can re-enter the State to work for another 90 days. Once you have spent a period of 180 days in any one calendar year.

Note: Your passport must be in date and valid for at least three months after the proposed expiry date of the work permit

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