Continued Professional Developement

As of May 2011, all doctors registered with the Irish Medical Council (IMC) are legally required to maintain CPD by enrolling on a professional competence scheme. Whether you are a full-time or locum doctor, this obligation still stands.

At Med Doc, we assist doctors who work with us in fulfilling this requirement as set out by the IMC. With a strong network of doctors, GP practices, HSE primary care and training bodies who we work with, we are ideally placed to assist you in meeting your CPD requirements.

The CPD Framework:

Each professional competence year runs from 1st May – 30th April.

50 CPD credits per annum (which must include the minimums listed in the categories below)
1 clinical audit (a minimum of 12 hours per annum)
The following represents a breakdown of the various categories:

1. CPD Activities
External: Maintenance of Knowledge and Skills
20 credits per year minimum
Internal: Practice Evaluation & Development
20 credits per year minimum
Personal Learning
5 credits per year minimum
Research / Teaching
2 credits per year desirable

2. Clinical Audit
Clinical Audit – 1 audit per year minimum

Should you or a colleague be interested in discussing CPD further, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your dedicated recruitment consultant who will help you maintain your CPD.