Working as a locum GP can present its challenges. You don’t develop long term bonds with your patients, and for this reason people rarely choose to see locums. Being a good locum however will mean you are rarely short of work, because your adaptability and professionalism will make you invaluable to the busy practice looking for extra help. Here are some reasons why being a locum is better than working as a full-time GP.

Fresh outlook – The fact that you don’t necessarily know your patients means you may be able to identify existing or potential problems that have been overlooked by their regular GP. You may even be able to offer a new insight on existing problems by looking at it from a fresh point of view.

Adaptable – Working in new environments can present its own problems however, this will enable you to become somewhat of an expert in adapting to new surroundings. This allows you to spot problems that other GPs may not even realise exist – such as is there any advice you can offer to improve efficiencies and patient outcomes? If so – you may be able to help your colleagues going forward.

Concentrate on what is important – You are your own boss, not having to worry about the paperwork and other organisational challenges that may arise as a full-time GP – you can dedicate your time focusing on patient care. As well as this, you can take holidays when you want, and work whichever hours you wish. How many careers allow this amount of flexibility…very few.

Get the best experience – Not being tied down to a practice gives you the flexibility to work where you want. This added experience in a wide range of situations will help you to expand your portfolio as you so wish. If you are a newly qualified vocationally trained GP – this may even help you to hone your skills, or choose an area of specialisation that is of interest to you.

You are always needed – You are helping a GP practice or client who is in need of urgent assistance. If you are a locum that goes above and beyond in the workplace, you will be remembered as this. There is great professional satisfaction in making every consultation matter and assisting practices in need of your services.

Please feel free to comment below, we would love to hear from you and hear your perspective and experience working as a locum GP or perhaps you want to try it for yourself and don’t know how to go about it.